6 Apr 2015

Early Signs of My Pregnancy

So this was what I experienced, even before I missed my period and did the UPT test.

1. Back pain
Like, severe back pain. It wasn't the same as back pain during menses. It was much more painful. I even went to the doctor thinking there was something wrong with my back. I almost wanted to call makcik urut for a massage, thinking I might have strain my back during exercises (thank God I didn't. Call the makcik urut I mean). It went away after a few days though.

(Only later did I understand that the pain was caused by the ligaments loosing, to give way for the uterus to expand.)

2. Sick
Fever, cough, flu, even shortness of breath. And this too, I went to the doctor. Doctor gave me the medicine and she even thought that I have asthma. But my instinct was telling me not to eat the med given. So I didn't. All of the sickness went away after a week though.

(I then learned that this is actually a natural way for your body to reduce the immune system, so that the body won't be rejecting the fetus later.)

3. Fatigue
Like, extremely tired! I was coming back home with hubby during lunch time, and guess what, I dozed off everyday like a baby. Even hubby noticed, because I never sleep during the day. Fatigueness went away after the first trimester. My energy level just picked up from there.

(This is actually how your body responses to the changing hormones. Yes you, hormones.)

4. Can't fit into my cloth
I just bought a jubah online which I tried on (hubby even helped me with the zipper), but then I brought it to the tailor the next day for alteration as it was too long. And when I wanted to try it on again, I can't fit in it already. Even hubby was clueless. I was gobsmacked, only 2 days ago I can fit in it!

(If you are like me, you'll just gain weight from this point on. Not to worry though, I gained a solid 13 kg during my pregnancy and now I'm only 2 kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Hello, skinny jeans!)

5. Late Period
I was 2 days late. But guess what, I did a 10 km run on that day. I wanted to do the pregnancy test, but hubby was telling me that I should enjoy the run and wait for when I'm 7 days late  to test (And also if you do the test too early, it just can't detect your pregnancy).

And when I was 7 days late, I did the UPT test. It came out positive! (obviously)

p/s : I made it easy for hubby as he didn't have to deal with morning sickness, craving, or even mood swings (tak aci, kan?). My pregnancy was easy breasy that I now missed being pregnant! I stayed active all through my pregnancy. I traveled every week, I walked many miles every day, and on top of that I ensured that I eat right. Alhamdulillah it helped in making delivery easy too.


Jacqueline Hodges said...

Thank god your back pain was only due to pregnancy, but if it hadn't been you could have gone to a good chiropractor. They can easily find any problems with the alignment of your spinal cord, which affects your entire nervous system and make any necessary adjustments. Going to the chiropractor saved my life and now I live pain free.

Agnes Lawson said...

Often, one of the first symptoms that women notice even before performing a pregnancy test is breast tenderness. Breasts may be swollen and feel notably tender to touch. You may also notice mood swings and not understand why you may be unexplainably tearful or angry. This is due to rapidly changing hormone levels and typically improves as the pregnancy progresses.

Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts