20 Dec 2014

Mr Istikharah

Yes, there was a telemovie titled such that. Mr Istikharah.

It reminded me. That hubs was my Mr Istikharah :')

Flash back to Ramadhan 2011. I was single and more than ready to settle down.

That was also the time when friends wanted to introduce me to M, whom I felt was more like an older brother. He was nice. Too nice actually. So I didn't immediately say no. I still wanted to consider.

At the same time, there was hubs. Whom I never actually talk to. But he was always at the workstation besides mine, talking to my other colleagues. So he was the guy I only knew by face.

There was this one day that I saw hubs walking with a friend of mine, and I immediately, out of no where, felt jealous. In my mind, I was thinking that hubs was my friend's boyfriend. I dismissed the feeling, telling that I should be happy for my friend. And he was nobody to me at that time, I didn't even know hubs' name!

Coincidentally, I had dinner with that same friend that night. And I was teasing her, 'That was your boyfriend, right? The one I saw walking with you just now'. She laughed, saying he was just a colleague. And she told me his name.

Something in me told me that I should know more of hubs, so I started to pay attention to him. He did actually try to talk to me before, I realized, but most often than not, I was in the middle of something.

So to cut the story short, at that point of time, I was considering either to proceed with M, or with hubs.

Yes, I did my istikharah a few nights during that Ramadhan.

And one fine night, at 1 am in the morning, hubs texted me 'Jaz, are you asleep already?'

The rest, as they say it, is history :)

So I'd say, perform your istikharah. It's worth it, insyaAllah.

30 Oct 2014

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?

I've been travelling (almost) non stop since mid of September.

16-19 Sept : Teambuilding in Penang
20 -21 Sept : Wedding in Ipoh, back to Taiping for the weekend
22 Sept : Baby checkup at Gleneagles, KL
23-25 Sept : Back in Miri
26-28 Sept : Weekend in Melaka
29 Sept - 3 Oct : Meetings in KL
4-6 Oct : Hari Raya Haji in Melaka
7-16 Oct : Meetings in KL
17-19 Oct : Teambuilding in Kota Kinabalu (BABYMOON too!)
20 Oct : Back in Miri
21 Oct : Meetings in Bintulu
22-23 Oct : Meetings in KL
24 Oct : Baby checkup at Gleneagles, KL
25-26 Oct : Weekend in KL
27-29 Oct : Meeting in KL
30-31 Oct : Meeting in Kota Kinabalu
31 Oct - 2 Nov : Teambuilding in Kota Kinabalu
3-6 Nov : Back in Miri
7 Nov : Baby checkup in Gleneagles, KL
8 Nov : Wedding in Shah Alam

*highlighted in blue are my time with hubs*

I miss hubs. It would have broke my heart if the table's turn, if I'm the one who's sending him to the airport. It broke my heart even more when he's home alone and had to buy take-outs.

Lucky he understands. He let me travel for work. He understands my nature of job. We trust each other indefinitely. Each time that we got to spend time with each other, will be the time that's cherished.

But I've to admit that there's conflicts too, miss communication sometimes. But alhamdulillah everything is always resolves by the end of the day.

Although hubs already warned me not to travel in November, as we need to already prepare for our baby, iA. Many things to do, I can't wait! :)

Thank you, sayang for your love and understanding. I hope we both take this positively, as a rezeki for our little Munchkin. Love you, B!


29 Oct 2014

Drama Melayu

Yes yes, I would proudly admit that I love love love Malay dramas.

Laugh all you want. But that's the truth. Especially if I've started watching the series. Then it's unstoppable.

Why I love Malay dramas?

#1. They are cliche. And I loveeeeeeeeee cliche.

#2. They remind me of home. Like how I would watch Malay dramas with the whole fam. *homesick*

#3. They are close to us. That's how we are brought up, well, in most part.

But I don't like those with gangsters. with rempits. NO NO NO.

I like the romantic ones. HIHIHI.

#4. I can not get bored watching the faces of Fahrin Ahmad and Remy Ishak.

And no, I don't like Aaron Aziz.

Lucky hubs is very sporting. And he loves TV too. Of any kind. And he does not mind me drooling over Fahrin Ahmad <3<3<3

There's a few dramas that I am (we are) currently watching : 

#1. Maaf Jika Aku Tak Sempurna

I missed the first few episodes. I first started watching when it was Luqman and Melina's wedding. And from that point onwards I started following the series, without fail. Luqman is so romantic! I'll go oooohh and aaaahh and hubs will roll his eyes hehe but that's the fun part about watching Malay dramas, I guess.

And believe it or not, I'm starting to like Sara Ali. She's perfect for the role of Melina.

Too bad it has ended. I would like the series to go a lil bit longer. Or never ending. I don't mind.

#2. Selamat Pengantin Madu

We started watching this after Melodi featured Datin Paduka Eina Azman. We were like, who is she? We've never seen her on TV until my mom mentioned that she's acting in this series. And it's a good drama nonetheless. Although up till now we still can't figure out why oh why in the first place he married the second wife. Like come on... Your wife is Fasha Sandha for crying out loud. She's loyal and nice, gave you two beautiful kids. What would make you want to marry another girl?

This series is ending too, tonight! I definitely will be in front of the TV.

#3. 7 Suami

The same hero (Aiman Hakim) in Selamat Pengantin Madu is also acting in this series, whom was also the hero in Projek Memikat Suami (which we watched too!) so we were like 'Wah larisnya dia!', so I started watching. Well, if you spend too much time at hotel rooms like me, you'll end up watching everything that's on TV, honestly.

I find the script of this series a lil bit disturbing though. You got married 7 times? Well... That's something, isn't it?

But nevertheless the acting of Izreen Azminda never disappoints. 

This is the second time it's on air. Previously on TV9, but I didn't watch it. Currently playing on TV3.

#4. Kusinero Cinta

I'm not a fan of both Aaron Aziz and Tiz Zaqyah, but I do adore Jericho Rosales. Ooohhh with that smile...

This series has ended though. But we actually watched the whole episodes of it. What's fun was the director would always, always find a way to promote Maggi in this series. Maggi apron, Maggi products, Maggi hampers.... Haha it was just so amusing (or a bit annoying at times).

Ohh, I got to know the actress Miera Liyana from this series too, acting as Aaron Aziz's sister. She's so cute! *girl crush*

#5. Kasih Berbisik

This series is a collaboration of actors from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. I watch this because of none other reason, but Remy Ishak *drooool*. He's just so charming, don't you think? Perfect definition of tall, dark and handsome HEHEHE anyways, it's a good series too. Good job to all the actors, although I would love to see more of Tasha Shila.

Tell me what series do you love and follow!


14 Oct 2014

Of Wedding and Dresses

The most stressful thing so far in this pregnancy is finding clothes that fit. And nice.

I thought I will be able to wear my normal clothes for a longer time. But little did I know that I ballooned up sooooo quickly and by the 4th month, all my blouses already felt snugged.

H&M maternity line solved my day to day wear. Hurrah!

But for dinners and events... Hmm.

I've already said bye bye to my designers' clothes much much earlier *cryyyyyyyy*

I'll be wearing you back in another 6 months. DON'T WORRY.


Anyways, we'll be attending iA a wedding of hubs' friend this coming November. And hubs had casually announced that we have our dress and baju melayu ready. OK he had his ready. But mine? *stresssss*

I feel like going to Syomir right now and cry my eyes out so he'll make me a dress right away. But to spend a fortune on a dress, at time like this when I should be saving up for the baby. And of  course I would only be able to wear the customized dress during my pregnancies (iA more pregnancy to come in the future)


Why customized dress you may ask. Here's why :

#1. I'm petite. Like, really short. So there's not many petite dresses available. Petite for maternity? It's even harder to find. Or probably close to none. So I love customized dresses. The dress will fit me well, and the design will look nice on me. No alteration needed too, so no awkward print cut off.

#2. I loveeeeeeeee customized dresses. Okay, NEXT!

#3. Okay, I give up. Only that reason #1.

YES. This is the one thing I'm stress up about right now. Out of the really long to do list that I have (gosh, work is piling up!), THIS is what's making me so stress.

And of course, accompanied with the heartburn, the rib pain, the back pain, the knee pain.

Wish me luck in finding a good dress!

A royal blue dress, as hubs has pre-determined the color scheme. Gah.