24 May 2014


We were back to Melaka this weekend, for an ex-colleague's wedding.
Well, I love attending weddings. I bugged hubs to buy the tickets for this weekend, even though we were coming back for a long Gawai holiday the next weekend. She had attended our wedding, so I felt like it was a common courtesy to attend her event.
That Saturday morning, I was just too bored, so I picked up a broom and started sweeping my in laws' living room. Hubs had objected, he asked me to just sit and watch TV, but I just wanted to do something really, so I told him that I was going to sweep lightly.
Little that I know that after sweeping, I saw brown spotting on my panty. I was dead scared. We didn't know what to do, so hubs just asked me to lie down. I was really worried, and as always, I did some Googling.
"...brown spotting is generally caused by the changes that your body experiences during pregnancy. Your cervix is closing up tight to prepare for keeping the baby inside, and you'll experience more pressure against this part of your body as your uterus expands in preparation to become the home to a growing infant. It should also be noted that many doctors and midwives refer to this blood as "old blood," meaning that you have, essentially, lost a scab on your cervix. Sometimes brown blood comes from the vaginal walls themselves as well (which is even less to worry about).Brown blood is more concerning than pink blood because it is often heavier in volume. Although your doctor will likely tell you that you have nothing to worry about, it's best to touch base with him or your midwife about the fact that you've experienced some brown bleeding. Alerting your doctor allows him to be prepared if you need to call in because something has changed." - PregnancyNow
So I decided to wait till we go back to Miri to visit the doctor, and I prayed hard that the spotting will stop.
And yes, that spotting happened just at that particular moment and it stopped immediately after that. I felt fine, but only after hubs was satisfied then only did we go to the wedding. It was nice, just that we've missed the opportunity of meeting friends who came earlier to the wedding. And this entry is for you guys who had been asking why were we late ;)
All I needed that day was a good rest, and a trip to the movie to watch X-Men : Days of Future Past. Thanks hubs! *grin*

23 May 2014

First Scan

So today I went to the panel clinic again, in the hope to have a peek at our little bean :)
I just got back from a 3 day trip to Bintulu, and of course after every travelling, I have this urge to go and check up on my pregnancy, to see if everything's normal. Well, I'm a control freak like that.
As usual, I was the first one to arrive at the clinic. My working hour's flexible, so I opted to start work at 9. I sent hubs to work early, and I was already at the clinic by 7.30 am. Talk about excitement.
The doctor asked the usual questions - my LMP, how I was feeling, any nauseas, etc. I haven't started feeling nauseas yet, but I've been feeling all the other symptoms, all right.
And then came the moment when I'd to lie down on the bed for ultrasound.
And there it was. The gestational sac. It was so surreal :')
Everything was normal so the panel doctor advised to start my antenatal visit at Week 12 (I was still about Week 8, based on my LMP. Although from the scan it seems like I was just starting Week 6). I was asked to continue the intake of my folic acid (I've actually started to take folic acid even when I was trying to get pregnant). 
I quickly snapped a photo of the ultrasound and Whatsapp it to hubs. He was occupied with work and couldn't be there. It's okay, but I'll make sure he will be with me on the first antenatal checkup!

17 May 2014

Moment of Truth

It's weekend in KK with the in laws :)
We were invited to the celebration of Tadau Kaamatan. So we spent the weekend at The Pacific Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu. May had been a busy month for us, for me especially. I was travelling too much, and the whole month was like fully booked with appointment already.
Hubs was telling me that this was the opportunity for us to tell his parents about my pregnancy. But he wasn't saying anything! And I was already anxious and excited at the same time to see the reaction of my in laws. Of course I don't know how to actually spill the beans.
So that evening after our trip to Kundasang, I just wanted to get it over with. While helping my MIL with putting her shopping stuffs in their room, I told them this.
'Ibu, ayah. Last two days, Alin pergi klinik. Doctor tested and...'
I didn't finish my line, my FIL has already hugged me and my MIL said:
'Positive ye... Congratulations. OK no more marathon after this'.
Gosh that was risky.
But it was a relief too after telling them. My MIL is a doctor, so I got to ask her many questions on pregnancy (and of course my SILs too are doctors, and they are big on advices). Sharing the joy, that was priceless. The prayer from our mothers, be it our own mother or our in law, that's even much more precious.
Hoping for a safe pregnancy.

15 May 2014

And It's Confirmed!

Right after I came back from Langkawi, I pestered hubby to bring me to the panel clinic, to confirm on my pregnancy. (Yes, he picked me up from the airport at night and straight away brought me to the clinic. Sorry hubs, I just can't wait for the next morning)
Told the doctor about my positive urine test, and she scanned me. But there was nothing to see yet. So I was ordered to come in for another check up for the next 2 weeks. But from the urine test which I had to do again at the clinic, we were confirmed pregnant! Yay, Alhamdulillah. Hubby was happy too with the confirmation. Just that we can't wait to see our Munchkin. Cepatlah besar :')


12 May 2014

Our Munchkin

We were in Taiping for the weekend, as I was travelling to Langkawi that Monday afternoon for a teambuilding. Knowing teambuilding activities, I would not want to put myself at risk if I was indeed pregnant, so of course I insisted to test early that Monday morning.

Waking up, I was feeling really pregnant - sore boobs, back pain, runny nose, sore throat, fatigue - you name it. And as expected, the UPT result was clear double lines, we were so thrilled! We were not ready to tell our family just yet, so we decided to keep the news to ourselves first.

If that's not a clear + sign, then I don't know what is. HEE

To contain the excitement, well that was torturous! I badly wanted to tell my best friends and family, but we decided to spill the bean after my teambuilding in Langkawi and after confirmation with the doctor. I kept my activity in Langkawi at minimal (although I did run a bit during treasure hunting, oops!), and I just couldn't wait to go back to Miri to meet the doctor.

Our Munchkin, that's what we call my cute lil bump for now :')

9 May 2014

The Beginning

First thing I did this morning : Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT). I've missed my period for a week already, and I was anxiously waiting for this date to test.
I did it. I peed on the stick. For the first time in my life I peed on the stick. The longest 3 minutes in my life waiting for the result, and I got a double lines. Although faint lines, but Alhamdulillah.
See that plus sign, it wasn't that clear. But there was a + sign :)

I remembered seeing hubby's face. He was sitting by the bed, waiting for the result. Without saying anything, I showed him the double lines. We were both grateful and at the same time anxious. But of course, we did not want to put our hopes high as it was still too early to tell.
As early as 7.30 am, I was already at the panel clinic for the confirmation. The doctor asked me to pee, and as expected, the result was faint double lines. She wasn't convinced and asked me to test again after 3 days. Baiklah, doktor. Although my instinct has been telling me that I was very much pregnant.
We were thankful to Allah, for giving us a glint of hope. Can't wait to test again the next 3 days!